Wilderdog - Dog Backpack [Seafoam Green]

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 It’s time for your pup to start carrying their own weight! The Wilderdog Dog Backpack is the perfect day hiking or light overnight accessory for helping your dog trek in and out with their own gear. Save some room in your own pack for extra snacks (or whiskey) and let your dog carry their own food, bowls, and poop bags.

Two saddlebags rest on each side of the pack, attached to a built-in harness for stability and leash attachment. Much like our standard harness, our backpack features a D-ring on the back for leash attachment as well as a handle for situations when you need to grab or pull your pup close.

The saddlebags are packed with features and include an easy-to-use dispenser that feeds single poop bags to the outside of the pack which can be loaded with a full roll. Stitched webbing also runs along the exterior of the saddlebag to attach any carabiner-compatible accessory, like our backpacking bowl, as well as items like our crap carrier, to the outside. On the inside of the saddlebags, stitched pull tabs are located near the top zipper to conveniently attach keys or other items you don’t want settling to the bottom of the pack.

There are four adjustment points on the backpack so that you can fit the pack perfectly to your pup - two belly straps, a front chest strap, and a fourth strap to connect the chest and belly strap. The straps are finished with a double velcro enclosure to neatly wrap up any loose strap tails so that you have maximum adjustability, without any of the dangling strap tails.

Our backpack is constructed with lightweight, durable fabric and finished with a water-resistant coating to repel light amounts of water and dirt. It is recommended your dog carries no more than 10% of their body weight, including the contents of the backpack and the pack itself. We recommend starting with a lighter load if your dog is new to backpacks and working up in weight over time. Canned veggies make for a great trial run around your neighborhood!

Feel free to wash on gentle and hang to dry. Approximate total capacity:

  • Small - 5L
  • Medium - 8L 
  • Large - 12L