Kure - Fermented Fish Broth

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Fish Bone Broth
with Fermented Sardines


Fish bone broth, sardines, kelp, salt.

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  • Advanced Nutritional Booster

  • Add bone broth to any meal

  • Great for digestion

Nutrient Dense Raw Food

  • Healthy bone broth

  • Wild-caught Acadian redfish from the clean old waters

       of the North Atlantic

  • Wild-caught fresh whole sardines, raw fermented 

  • Full leaf raw organic sea kelp as a superfood aid

  • Organic sea kelp enhances fermentation which means

       it has a higher probiotic count

  • Superb source of live, naturally occurring enzymes,

       probiotics, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids

  • Rich in collagen, minerals and other widely functional nutrients

  • Superior concentrated source of omega-3s in wholefood form

  • Superfood rich in vitamins B12, A, and D

  • Polyunsatured fat for healthy functioning

Best Way to Serve

Serve at room temperature or as a frozen treat. To receive

the maximum benefits of nutrients warming or heating is

not recommended.