Human - Dog Co-Evolution

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Human - Dog Co-Evolution

Dr. Karen Becker provides insights in a TedTAlk about the Co-evolution with dogs.
33,000 years ago dogs broke from the wolf pack (canis lupis) and became the dog (canis famliaris).

Humans impacted the pet drastically in the last 100 years - we swapped out the amount of protein dogs evolved to eat with carbohydrates in less the 100 years (kibble invented in the 1940s).

Humans have access to fresh foods on daily basis, pets are forced to eat heavily processed foods every day i.e kibble.

SOME Vets are still saying that a processed food diet everyday is the best diet.  Human physicians all agree that fresh, unprocessed foods are best for us, but why would some vets not agree???

Study shows that when dogs transitions to raw diet their disease markers in the blood decreases by 81%.
Dogs fed fresh, raw diet their whole lives...decreases by 350%!!!
Research proves that even substituting 20% of your pets processed diet with a raw fresh diet can have a major impact on their health and longevity.

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