Biologically Appropriate Diets

Biologically appropriate diets for pets

A biologically appropriate diet may sound complicated...

but in actuality it's a very simple concept.  It's a diet that is appropriate for the specific species to eat.  The diet that they were designed to eat according to their physiology.  The easiest way to put it is to think what you would feed a pet snake.  Would you feed her a bowl of corn, maybe rice crackers with a side of corn meal gluten, or some tapioca starch? Most likely, these would not even occur to you to feed the snake.  Instead, you would feed her mice or other small rodents because you know snakes are carnivores and that's what they were designed to eat. Unfortunately though, these ingredients listed above are found all too often, in substantial quantities, in our pets' food today, even though they are carnivores too.  

So what does a biologically appropriate diet look like for our fanged and furred companions?

It's a diet that is made up of primarily muscle meat, then bone, then organs and completed with things like fresh fish, eggs, and vegetables.  So the diet is rich in highly bio-available protein with a moderate level of fat as primary energy sources.  This diet has very little carbohydrates, around 5%. With this being said, it's high in moisture and this is important. Most prey animals are about 70% water and dogs and cats have evolved to obtain their moisture mostly from the prey they eat.  Many health issues in our pets today stem from lack of moisture in their diets since kibble on average has only about 7% moisture, leaving the animal in a constant state of dehydration. 

At Fangs & Fur we focus on raw foods for our pets

We believe that these diets are the most biologically appropriate diets we can feed our pets.  However, we also know that this might not be a viable option for you or your pet for the time being or maybe you're just not ready to make that transition yet.  If not, it's ok! We admire the fact that your looking to feed your pet the way nature intended and that you are looking out for their well-being.  We offer other options such as freeze dried, air dried, canned and even some dry foods that we believe are the best options on today's market so that you can rest assured that you are feeding your pet the best way you can!