Natural Flea & Tick Deterrents

We really need to question whether we should be applying insecticide based treatments to our pets.

These treatments are not meant to prevent or deter fleas and ticks, but to kill them by attacking their nervous system.  Here's the thing with that plan, to poison the fleas and ticks on the host, you must first poison the host, AKA your pet.

How these "medications" work:

Oral medications like Bravecto, Nexgard, Credelio, and Simparica are given to your pet like a treat.  Once digested, these drugs course through your pets blood.  Once the flea or tick bites your pet they are then exposed to the drug and they die. These companies use a chemical known as isoxazoline, which attacks the nervous system of the flea or tick which in turn kills it.  These tablets are so potent that your pet only needs to digest one every three months or so.


FDA Warning!

In March of 2019, the FDA started warning pet owners of the neurological issues these medications were creating in pets and the symptoms they were causing, such as seizures, vomiting, ataxia, tremors, appetite loss, lethargy and skin irritations.

Laboratory Studies

Laboratory studies have also shown causes for concern with flea and tick meds. A study done on fipronil, the active ingredient in Frontline, found that this chemical stays in your pets system and can cause thyroid and nervous system toxicity and resulted in thyroid cancer and convulsions in laboratory animals. 

Imidacloprid, the active ingredient in Advantage was also studied and was found to create toxicities in the body as well.  Because it is a neurotoxin, it also caused incoordination, labored breathing , and muscle weakness in dogs. 

Lastly, pyrethroids have been tested in laboratory studies as well. As our friends over at Dogs Naturally stated, "The pyrethroid spot-ons also accounted for more than half of the “major” pesticide pet reactions including brain damage, heart attacks and seizures."

I think it's safe to say that these medications that use these toxic insecticides are probably not the best course of action for flea and tick prevention.  It's scary how you can find these same chemicals, such as isoxazoline or Spinosad over at your local Home Depot, garden store, or even Amazon in the form of bug exterminators. Call me crazy, but I would never want this stuff in my pets bowl for her to eat.


At Fangs & Fur, we do not believe that poisoning your pets for the sake of killing fleas and ticks is necessary or appropriate.  

We also believe that there are safe and more effective alternatives to deter these pests.  We carry only products that are safe, practical, and work effectively to prevent fleas and ticks.  Come in and chat with us about which product is safe and practical for you, your family, and your pet!