All Provide Gently Cooked Chicken 2lbs

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Ease your dog into a raw diet with these Gently-Cooked raw meals from All Provide! These all-natural grain-free dog foods are a great way to get your pup used to a raw diet! Made from grass-fed and humanely-raised proteins that are gently cooked to make them easily digestible for sensitive stomachs. A great option for dogs with compromised immune systems. A blend of fresh produce is added for extra nutritional benefits. Only made with 100% natural human-grade ingredients. These species-appropriate diets give your dog the meat-rich meals they need to be healthy and thrive! Features 85-90% meat, organs, and bone! Comes in a handy resealable bag for easy serving! Grain-Free. Made in USA. Hand-selected by the Pet Beastro to provide your pet with the best in raw feeding!

Ingredients::Chicken with Bone, Chicken Heart, Chicken Liver, Carrot, Broccoli, Butternut Squash, Parsley, Milled Flaxseed, Coconut Oil, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Dried Sea Kelp, Oregano Leaf, Turmeric Powder, Mixed Tocopherols (natural vitamin E)Guaranteed Analysis::Crude Protein 16.2% min, Crude Fat 14.2% min, Fiber 0.5% max, Moisture 65.1% max, Calcium 1.6%, Phosphorus 1.3%, Carbohydrates 1.8%Calories:1841 kcal/kg, 52 kcal/ozGrams Omega per 1000 Calories:Omega-6 13.25 grams, Omega-3 1.73 grams = Ratio 7.65:1