Vital Essentials - Meal Topper [Turkey]

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Product Description:

Dogs and cats know what they want, they want real meat for dinner. Give your pet a taste of real meat with Beef Toppers. No grains, no gluten, no fillers – just real, fresh meat, locally sourced from America’s heartland, with a perfect blend of fresh, wholesome beef, organs and bones. Sprinkle on top of your pet’s regular food for those picky eaters, or as an added protein boost, or simply to get the benefits of raw food into your pets everyday diet. Any way you serve it, you can’t go wrong. Packaging may vary.

6 oz bag

Product Features and Benefits

REAL, NATURAL, MEAL MIXER. Sourced with 100% USA Chicken meat + organs + bones - simply natural because our freeze drying process is low and slow, retaining the original nutrients, as close to nature as possible. When pet food is cooked at high heat, vital nutrients are lost in the process.

PICKY EATER? Top off your dog or cats food with Vital Essentials toppers ensuring your pet is getting the protein needed for strong bones

THREE WAYS TO SERVE. All life stages - serve as a meal, supplement or meal mixer. Vital Essentials Toppers are a complete and balanced nutrition produced from whole meat + bones + organs.

CLEAN EATING FOR YOUR PET. Your dog or cat instinctively craves real meat, not blueberries and spinach. We do not add high sugar flavor additions, fillers, rendered by products into any of our products.

WHY SO MUCH WASTE? Your feeding your dog or cat ingredients their natural system is not designed to absorb which then ends up in your yard or litter box. Feeding freeze-dried raw dog food is easy for your dog or cat to digest, retaining the key nutrients which creates less waste. Fewer eliminations overall, stools are firmer and near odorless and smaller in size.

TRANSITIONING TO VITAL ESSENTIALS IS SIMPLE: Switch slowly, some dogs and cats take to raw immediately, others a bit longer due to the high sugar and added flavorings from traditional food they are hooked on. Typically, a transition of ten days to two weeks is sufficient allowing your dog or cats' digestive system time to adjust.

CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE - All Vital Essentials products has received the official Certified Gluten Free Certification. (Certificate ID 68908, issued by GFCO on 2/4/19)