Farm Hounds Bulk [Turkey Wing]

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Coming from 100% pasture-raised turkey, these dehydrated turkey wings are fully digestiblehumanely raised, and support regenerative agriculture.

Safety First:
These heavy duty chews require close supervision due to containing bone. Swallowing bone, regardless of size, is a behavior that needs to be monitored.

If this product splinters or develops sharp edges, throw it away immediately for your pet’s safety. To prevent injury and choking hazard, please watch your pet while they enjoy this treat and be sure to choose the appropriate size chew.

  • Great for dogs of varying chew strengths to naturally clean their teeth and gums!
  • Reaps of benefits like glucosamine and chondroitin for hip and joint health.
  • Natural source of vitamin B and proteins! 

Ingredients: Turkey wing
Sourcing: one of our incredible Farm Partners

We are proud to work with family farms committed to raising animals free of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and pesticides.