Fetch Boy - Single Rubber Ball

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Vintage-inspired classic rubber ball joy rides through the air and bounces into that slobbery smile only a dog parent could love.

The draw towards an indestructible ball makes sense, but that's not Fetch Boy. Dog owners come to Fetch Boy because they trust the ingredients and see the best reactions from their dogs when playing fetch. It goes the distance, with a high bounce, and satisfying soft bite.

Arrives direct from an original toy manufacturer in Ohio, made with naturally-derived rubber and earthy ingredients. Free of plastics, latex, and polyurethane. 100% made in the U.S.A.

  • High bounce 
  • Solid all the way through (not hallow or stuffed with other material) 
  • Floats 
  • Gnaw-able (not recommended for super chewers) 
  • Made with FDA colorant 
  • Meets Child Safety Protection Act 
  • Proposition 65 compliant
  • Size: 2.5" 
  • Fits into a ball launcher

    As a good dog parent, you may ask, "what's going in my dog's mouth?"

    The "how it's made" journey of a Fetch Boy ball is genuine and straightforward. Each ball starts as raw ingredients. Mixed and baked to perfection, it ships to your door, then play time is on.


    • raw rubber
    • baking soda
    • food-grade colorant
    • zinc
    • earthy elements 

    Non-toxic formula: 

    • No plastic additives
    • No latex (we use a raw rubber that has matrix identical to natural rubber) 
    • No BPA 
    • No polyurethane
    • Allergen-free 
    Compliant with California Proposition 65. Meets Child Safety Protection Act Standards.