Green Juju - Bison Liver Trainers

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 Bison Liver Trainers

100% freeze dried grass fed bison liver from Colorado. That’s it!

Ingredients: bison liver

Available in 3oz 

Calorie content (calculated): 4000 kcal/kg, 73 kcal per ¼ cup

Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein (min) 67.4%, crude fat (min) 13.9%, crude fiber (max) 0.45%, moisture (max) 7%

Single Protein | 100% Raw Freeze Dried
USA Sourced and PNW Made

Perfect for high value training treats or nutrient dense meal toppers.

Why does color matter? Because phytonutrients are what give fruits and vegetables their distinct colors. Each one represents different health-promoting properties — helping fight chronic disease and early aging, and contributing to overall optimal health. The rich colors let you know that it will deliver the nutrition dogs deserve