Icelandic+ Beef Collogen chew

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Icelandic+™  Rolled Collagen with Cod Skin Sticks are a 100% digestible, long-lasting chew sure to entertain the pickiest of dogs. Each chew is made from all-natural beef raised in the USA and hand wrapped with an extra tasty wild-caught Atlantic cod skin for the best 2-in-1 chew.  With just two healthy ingredients, the delicious dog treats are completely free of chemicals, additives, and artificial anything. Nutritious and naturally packed with protein, omega-3 essential fatty acids, glucosamine & chondroitin to help support healthy skin and coat and provide major chewing satisfaction for healthy teeth and gums.

Icelandic+™ Rolled Collagen with Cod Skin Sticks is an excellent rawhide alternative. Made with formed collagen rolled for layers of enjoyment and wrapped with a full cod skin providing a chewy outer layer.