Nakedbeasts - Chunked Rabbit

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Contents: 6-8oz of Chunked Rabbit averaging 2-4 pieces per pack

Approximately 1.5lbs of Chunked Rabbit pre dried weight in every bag consisting of Legs, Thighs, Body, Head, and Liver

This exciting new item has now taken over the lead for our most costly luxury protein instead of the Bison!
📸 Pictured in this pack is 2 thigh pieces and several liver chunks
💢 Extra bonus Fact: Rabbit is a cooling protein and is believed to help bring down inflammation within the body ❄️⁣

Other cooling proteins include Rabbit, Duck, Pollock, and whitefish 🐟


The rabbits are fed a custom, locally milled, corn-free feed with absolutely NO animal by-products, steroids, hormones, or antibiotics EVER 🙅🏻‍♀️⁣
An automatic watering system 💧 provides the rabbits with a continuous supply of fresh water, are hand fed and looked after daily ♥️⁣
The primary purpose for raising these rabbits is for human consumption, so I feel very good about being able to help find purpose for the remaining animal parts that would normally be discarded 💫⁣


Best Suited For: Small to Large Breed Dogs!