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100% Locally Hand Poured Coconut Wax Candles

Vegan | Organic | Non GMO | Sustainable

50-55 Hours of Clean Relaxation

Hand Pressed Scents | 7oz each

To avoid smoking, keep the wick trimmed short using a Nail Clipper before each use

Candle Oil from Coconut Wax is so pure that it can also double as a moisturizer for your skin


Why Coconut Wax?

Paraffin Wax is the cheapest most common candle on the market but it is derived from petroleum, coal, or oil shale and is known to burn carcinogens into the air

Beeswax is a much better option but it is not fully sustainable or Vegan and it does not carry scents well

Soy Wax can never be labeled as Vegan or Non GMO because it contains heavy usage of pesticides, fertilizers and sadly contributes to deforestation

Coconut Wax may be the more expensive option, but the benefits are unrivaled.  Not only is it a highly renewable and sustainable high yield crop, but it also has an extended burn time and provides an impressive scent throw

Coconut Wax is the ONLY wax that can be claimed as Vegan and is the most eco friendly option available today


Why Wood Wick vs Cotton?

Cotton Wicks are soaked with chemicals, along with even some wood wicks out on the market

Our candles, from wax to wick, are completely natural and chemical free so that you can burn carefree for hours without risk of creating indoor pollutants

This not only reduces the risk of toxins being released into the air but also allows for an even longer Burn Time

The wood for our wicks are sourced from a family farm in Southern Illinois and come from Native Hardwood fallen trees, nothing chopped down!

 Many cotton wicks are dipped in parrafin wax in order to help burn which as we learned in the WAX 101 post is a no no because it harbors many known carcinogens⁣

Cotton wicks also contain a very thin lead or zinc core center wired inside that helps keep the wick self trimmed but at the expense of burning chemicals into the air⁣

Thanks to modern day farming, just like Soy, it utilizes pesticides and fertilizers and has become one of the most poisonous crops in the world⁣

It is responsible for infecting nearby cotton farm residences with "Cotton Flu" (headaches, asthma, fatigue) after every spray, despite it's dangerously known neurotoxins⁣

If you still decide to go with a cotton wick, make sure it ORGANIC COTTON & identifies as LEAD, ZINC, and PARRAFIN FREE⁣

Moving on to the more costly but the sustainable and eco friendly option, WOOD WICKS⁣

Along with cotton wicks, even some wood wicks out on the market are soaked with accelerants for better flame retention and coated with an additional substance to help them crackle more loudly⁣

Many companies will also use glue to combine multiple wooden wicks together for a multi-ply super wick⁣

The wood from our wicks are sourced from a private family farm in Southern Illinois and come from naturally fallen Native Hardwood trees⁣

It is made from only 2 components, 1 outer and 1 inner part and uses NO GLUE & NO CHEMICALS⁣

The outer wick comes from the darker outside part of the tree and helps it crackle and the inner part is called the whisper which is the accelerant and helps it burns⁣

Although wood wicks are more expensive, they provide a nicer ambiance, have a faster and better scent throw, provides a longer burn time & is the most sustainable eco friendly option!⁣

You can rest assured that all of our candles, from wax to wick, are completely pure so that you can burn carefree for hours without risk of creating indoor pollutants


 Colors and Scents

All added colors have been extracted from nature and have been dog and cat tested and approved for safety

Many essential oils are poisonous to both Cats and Dogs which is why we refuse to use them in our candles

We use Hand Pressed Scents only and have limited the selection to only pet friendly aromas

Remember that our pet's sense of smell is exponentially stronger than ours, so make sure to always leave the door open so that your animal has the option to leave the room in the event it becomes overwhelming or offensive