Quest Cat Food - Frozen Raw [Emu]

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Quest Frozen Emu Diet


Quest Cat Food is a prey model diet consisting of 95% muscle meat, ground bone and organ. We add a few super-foods to round off the diet and make it the purrrfect food for your feline. We form the food into smaller bite size nuggets that make it easier for cats to dive into a bowl of fresh food. Our Emu Diet is an exotic meat diet that is perfect for cats with allergies to traditional meats. It is also very low in fat and high in protein, making it purrrfect for diabetic animals and pets with pancreatitis.


Our complete and balanced emu diet for cats is made from antibiotic and hormone free USDA emu from a small farm in Tennessee.


Emu Meat, Emu Neck, Emu Heart, Emu Bone, Emu Liver, Krill, Raw Goat Milk, Chia Seed, Flax-seed, Dried Kelp, Coconut Oil, Inulin, Mixed Tocopherols, Eggshell, Dicalcium Phosphate