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This blend is designed to assist with allergies and immunity. Seventy percent of our immunity is said to stem from the digestive system. Triphala helps to tone the intestines. This blend helps to decrease histamine levels, increase natural vitamin D, increase Vitamin C, decrease inflammation and moderate infection and irritation in the system.

This blend is not designed to help with allergic reactions to acute toxicities such as Synthetic Supplements (found primarily in kibble and canned pet foods), pesticides (also often found in kibble and canned pet foods as well as the environment) and other sources.

Product Benefits:

  • Made in USA!
  • Naturally Supports Immune Health & Reduces Histamine Levels
  • Non-GMO, Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Small Farmer Supportive


Recommended usage: Sprinkle over food or steep as a tea. For first time use, gradually increase into your pets diet.

Up to 20lbs – ¼ tsp per day
21-40 lbs – ½ tsp per day
41-80 lbs – 1 tsp per day
Over 81lbs – 2 tsp per day


Active Ingredients per tsp (2g)

Organic Wormwood......375mg
Organic Mushrooms Blend (Reishi, Shiitake, Chaga, Maitake)......250mg
Organic Triphala......250mg
Organic Marshmallow Root......250mg
Organic Brahmi......250mg
Organic Meadowseet......250mg
Wild Harvested Yucca......250mg
Organic Frankincense......250mg